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Committee Meeting Tuesday 27.07.21

Wales and the Marches Horological Society committee start 3:00 pm Tuesday 27.07.21


This meeting was held via Zoom

Attendees :

Steven Tyrer (chair), Anthony Panes (treasurer) Ed Cloutman, Brian Coles, David and Jon Parker (secretary)


Chair called the meeting to discuss strategy for face to face meetings later in the year at Grosmont and next spring at St Fagans.


Item 1.

It was generally agreed that the proposed lifting of restrictions might permit the Grosmont meeting (16th October 2021) to take place as anticipated. Steven Tyrer has confirmed two speakers, Owen Gilchrist and Malcolm Pipes, another talk might be given by one of the membership. BC suggested that he and JP talk about horological repairs, and EC volunteered to talk about some new clocks that he has come to know of. Anthony Panes recommended that the numbers of attendees should be finalised as soon as possible. It was agreed that an invitation letter should be circulated to this effect (JP). It is not yet clear whether special arrangements will be necessary regarding the meal. AP will liaise with the host pub to finalise details.

Item 2.

ST informed the meeting that St Fagan’s museum has been booked and finalised for the 19th March 2022. Speakers arranged: Peter Gosnell “Industrial Clock Making in Birmingham before 1885”

and John Harold will talk about the restoration of a pipe organ clock (both to be reconfirmed). EC suggested that Emyr Davies (St Fagans) is also a good speaker and Ed will approach him.

ST informed the meeting that he would be stepping down as chair at the next AGM, but would be prepared to continue to maintain the societies web presence. Steven hopes that the appointment new chair will bring a fresh ideas to the society’s proceedings. JP thanked Steven for the great support and time he had dedicated to the society during his 7 years in the chair.

Item 3.

ST reported that at a recent meeting of the Midlands AHS it had been mentioned that young aspiring horologists are mainly interested in watches . ST suggested that future society meetings should reflect this in an attempt to attract new members. Whilst the committee agreed that new member are needed, careful marketing would be necessary to ensure that any shift of emphasis ( at risk of alienating current membership) had the required outcome. Various suggestions were made and discussed . It was agreed that watch related speakers and subjects should be considered for future meetings.



BC asked about current membership numbers. AP responded that the COVID situation made it difficult to know exactly how many active members remain. The membership was around 35 with approximately 12 members attending Zoom meetings on average. The committee then went on to consider ways to reach a broader audience for future meetings.


Comment from Chair (not part of the meetings minutes).

As I have been chairman for coming up to 7 years I feel that this will be a good time to bring some fresh ideas in to our society, I have enjoyed working with our committee and also getting to know our members a lot better. So that we have a smooth handover can I ask if any one is interested in taking over the role of chairman to put their name forward now so that we can have a effortless handover at the AGM next year (if the new chair is voted in). I will remain an active member of W&MHS, and the committee, if re-elected as web-master.

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