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Horological Societies and Institutes, etc.



The Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS) was formed in 1953 as a learned society to promote the study of clocks and watches and the history of time measurement in all its forms. It publishes a quarterly journal. A monthly Horological Journal is published by the British Horological Institute (BHI) which was founded in Clerkenwell, London in1858. It began with a group of watchmakers uniting to combat the large numbers of clocks and watches flooding in from abroad. Its other goal was to raise the standards of horology in Britain. The modern BHI has close links with colleges and other establishments offering horological training and is the awarding body for examinations in Technical Horology. Their museum and library are located at their headquarters in Upton Hall. Professional membership is open to those actively working in horology and they must abide by the BHI's code of practice. A non-professional membership is also offered . The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers (CC) is an active 'Livery Company' that was founded in 1631 under Royal Charter of King Charles I. Its original purpose was to regulate and encourage the craft of watch and clock making in the City of London and to establish an apprenticeship system and look after the welfare of its members. Today it houses an excellent horological museum and library in The Guildhall, London. The British Antique Dealers' Association (BADA) was founded in 1918, its main function to set standards and maintain confidence between its members and the public, both in buying and selling antiques. The BADA Cultural and Educational Trust actively supports restoration courses at West Dean College which has a world-wide reputation for its excellence in horological restoration techniques, and the courses it provides in horology and related disciplines such as metallurgy, ceramics and furniture restoration.


From Shadows to Gears: The Engineering of Clocks Throughout History


Magazines and Horological Booksellers.


Clocks magazine is a monthly magazine that popularises horology with articles covering a wide field from early clocks and watches, sun dials, to more recent mass produced movements. There are constructional articles and a feature on auctions and future sales. This shows the trends in the horological market from month to month.  G K Hadfield also stock a large selection of rare, second hand and reprint books. Mayfield Books are specialist horological book publishers with perhaps the most important latest addition being The Longcase Clock Reference Book by John Robey, which comes in two volumes and studies the craftsmen associated with clockmaking, such as brass founders, engravers, cabinet makers and looks at clock movements in detail high-lighting the many variations in striking, moonwork, calendar mechanisms, etc. (details that have been mostly overlooked in the past). There is also a fine collection of horological books at Jeffrey Formby's Gallery, Moreton-in-the-Marsh.

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