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W&MHS committee meeting 5th May 2023

Present: Brian Coles, Tony Panes and Steven Tyrer

Apologies: Ed Cloutman, David Richards.

Actions required by ST , Tony, Brian


1. Review of St Fagans Meeting and AGM: At least 25 members attended the 2023 St Fagans Spring Meeting of the Society (headcount - 28 including speakers). This was an excellent turn out and the three talks were well received. The speakers have been contacted and thanked for their contributions to a very successful day. There were some expressions of interest in trying to book the Oakdale Institute for next year’s Spring Meeting, but after consideration of the access requirement of some members, the current proximity of facilities such as the toilets and the new cafeteria, closeness to the main museum entrance, availability of a lift to the first floor and the ease with which visiting speakers or our members can bring exhibits for their talks, it was agreed that Studio 3 is more suitable as a venue. The evening meal afterwards seemed a very good way of rounding off the day and we could consider doing this again after next years AGM meeting, though members would need to book this in advance.

An initial draft of the AGM 2023 minutes was circulated for comment (and amendment as necessary) and Brian will contact Stephen Dutfield to clarify his position re committee membership.

Tony reports that at the end of the St Fagans meeting, and after expenses, our bank balance stands at around £900.00.


2. Next meeting: our next meeting is planned to be at Cardiff Model Engineers Society; we believe that July is free of bookings for their clubhouse. Steve T will try to book with them for Saturday 15th July. We will look for 15 – 20 minute contributions from members. Steve T, Tony and Brian all undertake to contribute items for the day, and we will solicit other contributions, (in particular ST has undertaken to talk to Al Cobb, Brian to Stephen D, and Tony to Lyn E and Gareth to encourage a contribution from them). Cardiff MES is still able to provide catering for users of the premises, but this now has to be provided by outside contractors (for health and safety, and insurance reasons). We will book refreshments with the Society. Steve T is happy to help put photographs on to the computer, and assist with any other technical queries to encourage contributors if members will contact him.


3. We will arrange a Society meal out one Saturday lunchtime (or a weekday if members would prefer this), at the Plymouth Arms (St. Fagans village). We have not decided on a date for this, as we need to survey members as to weekday or weekend preference. Steve T will carry out a membership questionnaire re this and several other matters shortly. Brian will do a newsletter re this as soon as details are settled.


4. Grosmont Autumn Meeting: we have settled on Saturday 7th October as a suitable date. Tony will make the necessary arrangements with The Angel and the hall committee. Possible speakers might include Mike Flannery, Owen Gilcrest, Richard Higgins or another staff member from Richard Higgins Conservation, someone from Coventry Watch Museum – further discussion required. Need to do this soon!!


5. We need to consider some new/different meeting venues – other museums (Swansea has two possibilities here, and of course there are a number of other museums), somewhere in Aberwystwyth for a ‘home grown’ meeting. Llancaich Fawr Manor House (near Treharris) might make an interesting half-day/full day out if members were interested.


6. St Fagans Spring Meeting 2024: we need to find out when rugby matches are scheduled for 2024. (Further info: it appears that Six Nations matches will take place from Friday 2nd February through to Saturday 16th March inclusive. Easter Sunday is 31st March 2024, leaving us just Saturday 23rd March as the only possibility before Easter 2024 – and that is part of the week leading up to Easter so some members might be away? We might be best in 2024 looking at Saturday April 15th, well clear of Easter holiday dates, and well before the May Day bank holiday?). ST will have a think about speakers… but all suggestions welcome.


7. Committee membership: it would be useful to have some fresh input on the committee. Despite a relative lack of new names being suggested at the AGM, we have come up with the names of three members to approach regarding co-option to the committee or shadowing committee functions to try and assist in broadening input to running the Society. Tony and Brian to make enquiries


8. Any Other Business: questionnaire for members: ST will arrange a survey of members to get feed back on:


Society ‘meal out’ – a weekday/mid week, or a Saturday?

suggestions for possible speakers/topics?

other possible meeting venues?

offers of a contribution to 15th July meeting?


9. Next meeting date – we have not set a date yet, but feel this could usefully be at the end of July, after the CMES meeting, to check Grosmont arrangements and plan the Spring 2024 meeting.

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