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Minutes of AGM 19th March 2022
at St. Fagans National Museum of Wales

17 members were present


The retiring chairman, Steven Tyrer, introduced the meeting


1. Apologies received from: Clive Best, Phil Bridgeway, Alan and Shirley Cobb, Peter Elliott, Bob May, David Mitchell, Jon Parker, David Richards, Al Cobb.


2. Minutes of the last AGM were approved.


3. Chairman’s Report: We have continued to meet on Zoom since our last committee meeting in January 2021. It is not ideal, but has enabled us to be part of the wider horological world as we have built up close contacts with AHS Midlands section and share Zoom meetings with others.


There are now 37 members on our list. Sadly, Delevan Nicholas and Dr. Ray Davies have died during the year and their company and contribution will be missed.


Steven confirmed that he was now standing down as chairman. He had enjoyed this work, getting to know members better, and hoped to continue to offer help to the Society as ‘webmaster’ in the future. He thanked members for their support over the years.


4. Secretary’s report: Steven gave a brief report for Jon who was not present. Jon is standing down after three years as secretary of the Society, and on behalf of the committee and himself, Steven thanked Jon for his work.


5. Webmaster’s Report: Over the last 12 months we have had about 20 contacts via the website asking about membership. One new member is here today. We have had eight requests for information about Welsh clocks and clockmakers, and Dr. Linnard’s book has been an invaluable reference source here. Bill Linnard is keeping his list of Welsh makers up to date and asked those present to let him know of any new information about makers which had come to light over the last year. Our site generates around 65 ‘hits’ a month, with the average visitor staying ‘on-site’ for about five minutes.


6. Treasurer’s Report: Tony Panes gave a short report on the financial year 2021, which after insurance and secretarial expenses (the latter being costs associated with the website) left us with a closing balance of £512.


7. Election of Officers:

Chairman - Stephen Dutfield, proposed Steven Tyrer, seconded Doug Williams.

Secretary – There were no proposals from the floor. Brian Coles offered to serve as ‘minute secretary’ for AGM and committee meetings if someone else would take on the work of ‘meetings secretary’: Stephen Dutfield proposed, Steven Tyrer seconded that this offer was accepted. There were no proposals/offers to become meetings secretary and Stephen Dutfield agreed to carry out this work for the time being.

Treasurer – Tony Panes agreed to continue to serve in this position and this offer was accepted by all present

Webmaster – Steven Tyrer, proposed Stephen Dutfield, seconded Tony Panes.


8. Meetings for 2022: This year is the 40th anniversary of the inauguration of W&M Horological Society and we will arrange some type of celebration of event for this. The new committee will arrange further meetings for the year.


9. Membership Fee for 2022: Now that ‘covid’ restrictions were being lowered and we can meet again ‘in person’, it was proposed that a £20 membership fee was introduced for 2022. This was agreed.


10. AOB: Bill Linnard proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing chairman for his services to W&M; this was supported by all present.

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