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Committee Meeting - 11.00am, Thursday 11th Jan. 2024

Present: Megan Hall (via video link), Tony Panes, Tom Parry (via video link), David Richards, Steven Tyrer and Brian Coles. (Actions required by Steve, Meg, Tony, Brian)


1. Welcome: We welcomed Megan Hall and Thomas Parry who have agreed to being co-opted onto the W&M Committee; we all look forward to working with them.


2. New Year Meal: We will organise a lunchtime meal for members who wish to attend, at The Plymouth Arms, St. Fagans, on a Monday/Tuesday, 5th/6th or 12th/13th February 2024. Steve will check with the venue re dates and menus. We will advertise this in the New Year Newsletter, which we hope will come out next week - Brian and Meg.


3. Spring Meeting: This will take place at St. Fagans National Museum of History, Cardiff, on Saturday 13th April 2024. Spiro Azzopardi, Keith Scobie-Youngs and Emyr Davies are confirmed speakers (and we understand that Keith S-Y hopes to stay with a relative, but W&M will pay his accommodation costs if necessary.

We need to let the refreshment manager have numbers for coffee and biscuits at the start of the meeting – Tony to contact caterers at St Fagans to arrange this. At Steve’s suggestion, we agree to move the AGM to the less formal summer meeting, where we will have more time available, and the Society’s business will not intrude into a day where we have a number of visiting speakers. We will advertise the programme in the newsletter and prepare a separate letter and booking form to go out at the start of March - Brian and Meg.


4. Summer Meeting: we need to set a date for the Summer Meeting in Cardiff… and to remind members that we will be looking for “contributions” to the Society’s members’ day. Steve will check out the dates of Saturday 22nd and 29th June and book one of them with Cardiff Model Engineers. Steve, please confirm a.s.a.p. for the newsletter – (Steve has since requested 29th June for our Summer Meeting at CMES in Cardiff).


5. Treasurer’s update: Tony confirmed that the 2024 membership fee is £20.00 and asks that members be reminded of this in the forthcoming newsletter (which will include bank account details for those who wish to pay on-line) - Brian and Meg. He also stated that we begin the year with an accumulated sum of £486 in W&M bank account.


6. Autumn Meeting - Grosmont: Tony will check with The Angel Inn and Town Hall booking person re Saturdays 5th and 12th October 2024, and book the most suitable date. Please let Brian know which date you have booked. We do not currently have any speakers booked in for this meeting, but could try Birmingham School of Jewellery and Horology – a staff member or student, someone from West Dean – Gok in admin. or someone from Horology, a dial painter – do we know of any who we might approach? Do we have contacts in BHI, AHS, or The Guild whom we could approach for talks?

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