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Restored Pierhead Clock Movement Returns to Cardiff


The Movement of the pierhead clock is at last back in Cardiff, after a complete overhaul by Smith of Derby . The overhaul has included a chain-driven electric winding mechanism to replace the laborious weekly winding of the original. The time can also be remotely regulated by a natty device strapped to the pendulum, ensuring that the clock keeps perfect time.

Affectionately known as "Baby Big Ben", the clock has little resemblance to the Westminster clock, other than the escapement which is of the same design. More details are on the adjacent page - Cardiff's Pierhead Clock.

The clock is situated at the southern end of the pedestrianised section of St Mary Street and has been installed as a public artwork designed by artist Marianne Forrest. The clock features three monkeys, one of which strikes the bell on the hour. The idea came from the animals so loved by the Marques of Bute and are present on Cardiff Castle's animal wall.

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